A display of photo-paintings and sculptures at the National Gallery of Art, showcasing the melding of contemporary and classical art forms within an elegant gallery setting.Capturing Monet: Visitors Photographing Classic ArtAn exhibition hall with a visitor viewing Dorothea Lange's photographic works, including a large central photo of Lange with her camera, and surrounding framed black-and-white portraits.Grandeur at the National Gallery: Sculptural Fountain Amidst MarbleA detailed sculpture of a draped figure on display, encapsulated in a glass case within an National art gallery, surrounded by other sculptures in the background.A visitor at the National Gallery observes an artist replicating a classical portrait, connecting the past and present through art.Art in Action: Monet's Masterpieces Come AliveLe PenseurA visitor in a flowing dress stands thoughtfully among the sculptures on display at the National Gallery's sculpture hall.Visitors at the Dorothea Lange exhibition view a large photograph of Lange with her camera, surrounded by other framed works, in a black-and-white themed gallery.A bronze sculpture of a seated warrior with intricate detailing, displayed in the National Gallery's sculpture hall.Gallery visitors walking through a corridor leading to an entrance with a sculpture in the National Gallery, symbolizing the transition between spaces of art.A bronze sculpture of a ballerina with a textured tutu on display at the National Gallery, encapsulated within a glass case.An intricately carved wooden bust with detailed curls and expressive features, exhibited at the National Gallery.Marble columns with intricate veining stand tall in the National Gallery, with visitors walking by, showcasing the grand architecture.A dynamic fountain sculpture ofMercurydancing atop the water, surrounded by plants, inside the National Gallery.An artist in the National Gallery working on a painting, with classical art pieces in the background, highlighting the tradition of live artistry.An art gallery visitor seated in contemplation, others standing and discussing the photography, with Dorothea Lange’s image as the central piece, at the Lange exhibition.A tour guide at the National Gallery speaks animatedly in front of a Claude Monet painting, with visitors gathered around listening.Visitors at the National Gallery observing a dynamic bronze sculpture, with the sculpture appearing to narrate a mythological or historical tale.